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Transportation & Public Works

Committee Chair:  Tiffany Caldwell

Reseda Blvd. – One of Los Angeles “Great Streets”

NSNC has worked closely with CD 12, LA MAS, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services, City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation and Northridge Sparkle, a neighborhood non-profit, to

“…enhance Reseda Blvd’s accessibility for people traveling by transit, foot, and bike. Great Streets seeks to bolster economic development along Reseda with better neighborhood amenities, including improved sidewalks and outdoor dining.”


  • Partnered with Bureau of Street Services and Department of Transportation to implement proactive infrastructure maintenance, including concrete sidewalk repairs

  • Initiated weekly overnight street sweeping

  • Installed solar powered Soofa bench, protected bike lane, and street furniture

  • Upgraded bus shelter with USB charging station, WiFi, and real-time updates

  • Planted 9 trees and partnered with community to create mural

  • Awarded $20,000 in Challenge Grant funding for [Re]visit [Re]seda, a one-day event that highlighted transportation safety and community engagement

NSNC is thankful to have great partners like CD 12, the Mayor’s Office and Northridge Sparkle (local non-profit) which have contributed to the leadership, vision and support to make our iconic Reseda Boulevard into the Great Street that it is.

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Aliso Creek Pocket Park

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In 2012 we completed the installation of a pocket park just west of Chase Street‘s Aliso Creek pedestrian bridge.

Your Northridge South Neighborhood Council (NSNC) has been working with local community volunteers and California Nurseries, located next to the park, to create a new pocket park where the Chase Street pedestrian bridge crosses Aliso Creek.

The Aliso Creek Pocket Park is proving to be a great success in removing urban blight, improving property values, and encouraging a sense of community along the Chase Corridor at the Los Angeles River.

Help us by joining your neighbors in volunteering to maintain the pocket park.  

*Special thanks to California Nurseries for their donations, maintenance, support, and ongoing commitment to NSNC in helping improve our neighborhood.

*Special thanks to CD12 Councilman Mitchell Englander whose office and support has been key in making this pocket park a success.


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A process has been determined for acquiring a speed audit trailer courtesy of CD 12 and our Devonshire Division Lead Officer. Email NSNC and see if we can get a radar speed audit trailer placed on your corner.


Bring your issues and proposed solutions to the next meeting!

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