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Committee Chair:  Tiffany Caldwell

As per the Bylaws of the NSNC, “The officers of the Board (“Officers”) shall include the following positions which all together comprise the Executive Committee.

List of Executive Board Members:

Tiffany Caldwell, President
Lisa Carothers, Vice President
Kevin Carothers, Secretary
Scott Wright, Treasurer

From the Bylaws (Article VI, Section D):

  1. Officer Duties – The duties of the Officers are as follows and also include such additional duties as may be adopted by official action of the Board:

    a.  The President shall act as the chief executive of the Council and shall preside at all Council meetings.

    b.  The Vice President shall serve in place of the President if the President is unable to serve.

    c.  The Secretary shall keep minutes of all Board meetings. An Alternate Secretary may be appointed by the Board to serve in the absence of the Secretary, as needed. Unless the person serving as Alternate Secretary is already a Board member, he or she shall not have any of the rights of a Board member, including the right to vote on matters before the NSNC.

    The Treasurer shall maintain the records of the Council’s finances and books of accounts and perform other duties in accordance with the Council’s Financial Management Plan.  The Treasurer shall also have such additional duties as are set forth in Article XI, Financial Accountability.

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