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A Message from City Planning Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units

Dear Stakeholders,

This Zoning Administrator (ZA) Memo analyzes the pertinent amendments made by the two state bills and evaluates them with the current Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) regulations to determine whether each State amendment requires any further action or local ordinance amendment to meet the requirements in State law. In some cases, changes in the text of State law are clarifications of existing policy more than a substantive change in what the law requires. Those are noted as such and do not require further interpretations or amendments. In instances where the City's Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance is silent, unclear, or otherwise inconsistent with the new state ADU amendments, this ZA Memo 142 supersedes and gives guidance on how to align the stated LAMC provision in order to implement state law. The State law amendments are grouped by topic and numbered for ease of discussion and understanding.

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